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Life is Delicious

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Life is delicious if we let it in, we all go through ups and downs in life, we wonder when the next client is going to work with us, or we wonder if we can …. are able to pay the rent, or what happens when everything feels like it’s going south.

I know how this feels, I’m with you, I  just remind myself that everything is working out for me, even if it doesn’t look like it sometimes. The rest of the time, I meditate, listen to a variety of people to help me chill. One gal I just started to listen to is Marie Diamond, she uses Feng Shui and energy work.  Another gal of whom I really like is Marisa Peer.. Both gals have Youtube videos a free content to share by all means check them out.

Life is delicious when I am grateful for what I have, what I am doing, what I can offer, how I can I help, who can I help. Who can I ask for help.  Life is good.

How can you make your life delicious amongst the challenges that you may be facing.

  1. Do three acts of kindness per day for yourself – like meditate every morning, write out things you are grateful for, take the time to cook yourself some healthy meals, get enough rest and sleep.
  2. Do three act of kindness for others – smile at people, let someone in your lane when you are out driving, volunteer or give your time to a project or cause you are passionate about
  3. Finally, do something creative, get outside for fresh air, walks and find a friend that you can converse with.

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On a final note – I am accepting people who would like to sponsor “Sedona Pies,” in the Food & Wine Fest on September 12.  Please call me 510-320-8332 or email me if you would like more information.

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