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My apologies, thinking of you

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My apologies, thinking of you. Technology works great when it works. The Sedona Pie newsletter finally went out, last week.

Sedona Pies are still available, the aspect of it being e-commerce based or by custom order only works if it’s planned out. For the people/person who want a pie at the last minute, it doesn’t work out so well. The lack of a store front is a bit of a challenge. If you ever want to just say, Thank you for your business or your thoughtful gesture – order them a pie.

We’re in the running to become a 2019 Neighborhood Favorite business on @nextdoor! We’d love your support – login to Nextdoor and vote for us as your #nextdoorfave. 

Just as an update we won the Favorite Bakery in Fremont on Next Door! Thank you, for all those of you who voted for us. Much appreciated.

How can I serve you better? What topics could I share and would be meaningful for you?

My other company Heart@Work, the services I offer have been about marketing, customer service and branding. Eighteen years ago it was launched with the idea of having kindness in the workplace. Just yesterday, I spoke to one of the owners of another company who offers team building workshops, said to me “Why do people think Kindness is so hard?” He’s going to be in my Podcast Series of “How to create a Impactful Legacy.”

My intention is to bring together speakers, trainers together who will share their experiences in the space of creating a happier culture for better productivity.  Topics will be about productivity, profits, leading with kindness for the workplace culture. The Virtual Conference will be about sharing ideas in how you too can create an Impactful Legacy.

If you would like to know a little more about me I created Heart@Work with the intention of promoting and implementing Kindness in the workplace. I got started by producing two “Kindness 2 Kollague Conferences,” (1999 & 2001) and the Kindness Hero Awards (2001 – 2015). Facilitated workshops and did public speaking to deliver my message.

The PodCast Series to me is like doing a Conference again only it’s digital. The conference will take place at Each person that participates will have a page for their bio, what they offer, contact information, their interview and a gift for you.

To join the Virtual Conference opt-in on the Podcasts page

I’ll leave you with this article about ““Are you walking your talk?”

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