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Never Heard of Wine in Pies

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Welcome to Sedona Pies. An update on the Tasting from the 26th of June.. It went pretty good.

Comments like:
“I’ve never heard of wine in pies before” that’s because Sedona Pies created them.
“The pies are really good.” Thank you!
“How did you think of combining the two ingredients together?” Just experimenting with ingredients to create a wine pie. “Well, they are awesome.” Thank you!

When we added whipped cream to the pie, the paring of the two became balanced and complimented the each other.

Yes, our pies are considered naturally sweetened. They don’t have any added sugar or high glucose syrup in them. Made with honest, quality, fresh ingredients. What do you need the extra sugar and crap in them for?

Here’s a 28sec video of one of our tasters:

Thank You Pillsbury Wines..

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