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Oh Boy More for Beer Pie

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Oh boy more for beer pie. There are more and more micro-breweries sprouting up, you can even do Beer Tours it’s not just for wine anymore.

On our road trip I picked up the “Celebrator” it’s a beer news magazine. August/September was their 22nd Anniversary. Who says, you can’t be profitable working your passion?

beer pies
Not only are more breweries happening, some liquor laws are changing too! Look out for those people.

Did you know that beer is a vegetable?

Beer is made by the fermentation of grain, just as wine is any alcoholic beverage made by the fermentation of fruit. In the vast majority of the world’s beers, the grain base is barley.Ok, what’s the fruit? In the summer beer makers tend to add fruit to lighten up the beers.

There’s too much to write about – it’s better that you just get the magazine and read it yourself.

What’s interesting for me is all the different kinds of beer will taste different in a pie after I have pared it with fruit, nuts or whatever I think will go well together. Right now, I’ve been making the “Sedona Spirit” with Oak Creek’s Nutty Pale Ale, it certainly gives it a nutty flavor and no you can’t get drunk on it. You are simply left with flavor of the beer. Another popular flavor is Beer, Agave and nuts; can’t wait to try out the Pumpkin beer with Pumpkin at Thanksgiving.. yummy!

I just pulled a Strawberry & Rhubarb Crumble out of the oven, gotta go.

Until next time..
Happy Baking!

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