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For every pie that is sold we donate 5% of our profits to feed the hungry, thus we fulfill our mission by: "Feeding the hungry one pie at a time."

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Do you give “Thank you” gifts?
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Share This: Do you give Thank you gifts? It’s a question I ask many people and wonder why people don’t or who do – don’t they have customers & family to appreciate? When it came to gift giving at Christmas time, I always gave my Grandparents a gift box with cheeses, sausages and little cookie... Read more

World Kindness Day
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Share This: World Kindness Day is coming up on November 13? Yep it’s on this date every year. Why we only have one day, I’ll never know, it’s a great day to get started in getting other people to be kinder. What are some ways we can show our Kindness? Sedona Pies is giving you... Read more

Our Fundraising Bake Sale
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Share This: Our Fundraising Bake Sale was inspired by the Fair trade bake sale, they are calling for a national month for a bake sale in October. Fair trade bake sale is about supporting fair trade and giving back. According to Wiki “Fair Trade USA, formerly “TransFair USA” is a 501 non-profit organization, that sets... Read more

Come Celebrate with us
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Share This: Come celebrate with us along with other funded Entrepreneurs at Kiva’s San Jose & Peninsula Launch Party. Sedona Pies will be featured. It’s an evening celebrating the region’s small business owners. From your favorite fruit stand in San Jose to a daycare in Redwood City, neighborhood businesses who bring diversity and character to... Read more

San Jose Made Harvest Fest
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Share This: The San Jose Made Harvest Festival is coming up this weekend, Saturday, Oct 7. at the Martial Cottle Farm, come buy a pie or two. Thank you for all of you who visited Sedona Pies at the Wine & Food Fest on Sept 17, 2017 at the Winchester Mystery House. Wasn’t that fun!... Read more

Blueberries & Cabernet Sauvignon
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Share This: Blueberries & Cabernet Sauvignon wine created the Sacrebleu pie. The blueberries offer sweetness to the Cabernet grapes which makes it delicious. Cabernet Sauvignon is pronounced (cah-behr-NAY so-veen YAHN). The Cabernet offers a BIG taste, most of the world-famous wine regions are Bordeaux and Napa Valley. The Cabernet grapes come from merging the red... Read more