Feeding America


Feeding America, in 2010 Crisco is donating 1 million pounds of food to Feeding America, the nation’s largest hunger-relief charity. You can help feed your community, too! Here’s how: * Buy ingredients for your favorite dish, bring them to a soup kitchen and help the volunteers prepare a meal. Check with your local soup kitchen for specific rules about accepting donations and volunteering. * Participate in your churches bake sale. * Host a community bake sale … Read more

Happy Holidays 2009


Happy Holidays To You and Yours, (2009) Tis’ the season is here already! My how time flies by. this is what happens when you are having fun. Might as well enjoy it, we never know how time we have here. I usually bake Shortbread cookies, Fruitcake and Tarts. Did you know, that I cannot find anywhere here in Sedona, pastry lined tart shells? I was really hoping to make some Mincement and Butter tarts for Christmas. … Read more

Thanksgiving 2009


Thanksgiving to me is about sharing with friends, family and orphans. There have been many years where I have hosted a potluck dinner for people and invited people who really didn’t have family or a place to go to for Thanksgiving. Fortunately, I have friends that invite me over for dinner and celebrate with them. (I call my friends family too). Since this is a time of year that we especially Give Thanks, I ask you … Read more

Welcome to Sedona Pies 2009


Welcome to Sedona Pies, 2009 it the beginning for us, along with making “Delicious, gourmet pies made with naughty ingredients and Love.” We feed the hungry, one pie at a time. Dear Friends, Thank you for being patient with us. For those of you who don’t know, along with making “Delicious, gourmet pies made with naughty ingredients and Love,” we also participated in “Shop to End Hunger.” About 3 weeks ago I was asked to participate … Read more

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