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Pie Clubs

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Thinking about Christmas gifts yet? A membership to a pie clubs can be costly – be sure to try one of their pies first before subscribing to joining a pie club.

Most of pie clubs are for a minimum of 3 months up to a year. If you don’t like their pies, then you’ll know you won’t want to join their pie club.

I found these other pie companies who have a pie club.

Red - Strawberry pie

Club Galore

Here’s what you get when you order the Pie of the Month Club
• 1 of our delicious, select gourmet Pies. Serves 8 to 10 people.
• Selections of Pie from the country’s best Bakers.
• Personalized certificate announcing your gift
• Your name on our gift card with every month’s delivery, with our uplifting quote of the day.
• The pleasure of knowing you will be thought of every month.
• 100% Satisfaction Guarantee
• Free delivery
• Professional and reliable customer service
Grocery Online

What will I receive each month?
Each month you will receive 1 gourmet specialty pie. You will receive your pie shipment by the 2nd week of each month.

What are some examples of the pies I may receive?

Signature apple pie, key lime mousse pie, chocolate cream pie, various fruit pies, and much more.

How is the pie packaged?

Each pie is individually sealed and labeled. We ship them frozen fresh, inside a re-usable Styrofoam cooler. They are packed in dry ice to keep them frozen during shipping. We pack enough ice to keep them frozen for 48 hours. If the ice appears to have evaporated, as long as they are cold to the touch, they should be safe.

How are the pies shipped?
We deliver the pies via Fed Ex, UPS & DHL two day delivery to ensure freshness. We prefer a daytime office address to ensure timely delivery and a signature. Most of the pies are shipped on Mondays for delivery on Wednesdays. You will receive your shipment by the 2nd week of each month. 

Can I choose the pie I receive?

No, all the pies featured are pre-selected and created by our bakeries from around the country. You can order a variety of past pie selections from our pie section.

Wisconsin Made

Enjoy 3, 6, 9 or 12 months of fabulous homemade Pie from Wisconsin or send to that special friend or family member. Each month we will pick one gourmet pie, pack it up with your gift message, and ship it out directly to your recipient. Each pie arrives frozen, unbaked and comes with baking instructions. A gift card will be sent to your recipient shortly af after you place your order with an announcement of the gift and when it will start. Orders placed between the 1st and 15th of the month will ship that same month. Orders placed after the 15th will begin to ship the following month with that month’s dessert selection. Monthly delivery dates will vary.

Tootie Pies

Here’s how it works:
Each month we will automatically send a different pie to the recipient. On the first shipment, we will include a welcome letter, explaining how the plan works, and a personalized greeting.  Future shipments are scheduled to ship on the 15th of each month or the next closest business day to it.  But, if you require a specific date for your plan, let us know so that we can schedule accordingly. Your total will be based on the pie plan chosen plus shipping.  We will automatically charge your account when the pie is shipped.

We’ve listed our pie plans below. 
Once you’ve decided on the one that fits you best, just click on the link at the top of the page and get started today! 

12-Month Pie Plan: $378 ($31.50/month) plus Shipping & Handling 

6-Month Pie Plan: $195 ($32.50/month) plus Shipping & Handling 

3-Month Pie Plan: $99 ($33/month) plus Shipping & Handling

*Pricing does not include shipping, and will be added to charges when the destination of your plan is selected.

Amish Pie

The Pie of the Month Club makes it easy for you and your loved ones to taste freshness and goodness! Each month for either a semi annual or an annual membership, you will receive a fresh and delicous pie. Besides the standard flavors, you will also receive some of Marie’s other favorites. No flavor is repeated! You will also receive discounts for Amish Pies other baked goods.
Pie of the Month – 6 Months
The Pie of the Month Club is a fantastic way to make sure you enjoy some of the most delicious seasonal favorites. Our specialty line-up of pies will be shipped in the order as follows: Jan-Dutch Apple, Feb-Wildberry, Mar-Assorted Fry Pies, Apr-Cherry, May-Red Raspberry, June-Blueberry, July-Rhubarb, Aug-Peach,Sept-Apple, Oct-Grape, Nov-Dutch Cherry, Dec-Pecan.

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