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Pie Membership Club

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The Pie Membership Club is a new product category we’ve added, as we have started pie and wine tasting events to create some fun opportunities.

Pie membership club

The difference is when you buy a pie club membership, the pie membership price is reduced as it is an annual subscription. Verus buying the pies individually.

Included in this membership are tasting notes, a new pie flavor added on a monthly basis, there isn’t a 48-hour advanced notice required when ordering. A personalized card with your name on it if you are giving them as a gift. Monthly special offers. 100% Guarantee!

The pies are great for client appreciation gifts, family & friend celebrations, weddings and a whole lot more.

We also believe in building relationships with our customers, and we are grateful for each and every one of you. Our company culture is centered around creating fun positive experiences, we are devoted to providing you the best possible way.

If you are interested in attending a Wine & Pie tasting event leave us your contact information. We’ll also be posting them on our event page, social media, and via an invitation, keep your eyes open for the next one coming up.

If you are interested in Hosting a Tasting event, let us know!

As a Sedona Pie Membership Club should we offer an initiation fee? Most exclusive clubs do, for the time being, we won’t add one. As we grow, we may add something special later.

Thank you for referring us, we appreciate your business and your relationship with us.

Business will stay and continue to stay where it is appreciated and valued

.” Unknown

SPClub.7.17 and about the pies, The Pie Princess makes for your clients.

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