Pies made with beer. Some are made with fruit and the rest are made like a Tequila or Amaretto pie. Some say even like a pecan pie and variations of.

beer pie

Naughty they are made with Agave, pecans and beer. A very smooth pie this will add more sweetness to your taste buds. Sweetness graded at #4. Minimum order of 12 for 3 inch pies. Naughty came about, from playing around using beer as the mix. Visit the beer page.

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Beer and Apple Pie
Sedona Spirit

Sedona Spirit is an apple pie, made with apples and beer they are juicy pies. Sweetness is graded at #4, like a bottle of wine. There is a minimum order of 12, for the 3 inch tarts. You can mix and match up to three flavors. More beer pies can be found here. Gluten free is available.

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