Why a pie club membership?

The Pie Club membership is something special that I wanted to offer those who wanted more value-added when they buy from Sedona Pies.

What is a Pie Membership?
I’ve come up with a few ideas –
* 3% year end reward (based on your purchases)
* 3 tastings a year – pie & spirits
* 4 tartlets gift box for your birthday
* Member pricing on Appreciation gifts, those to share your kindness to
* Bonus offers
* Be in the know about our new product launches
* Be a part of the Sedona Pie Lovers Community
Membership will be $50./year.

e-gift cards
e-Gift Cards

e-Gift cards are available to any amount.

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Sedona Pie membership
Pie Membership

Pie Membership is the perfect gift or investment you can make for yourself, your company, friends, family or clients.

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