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Cannella pies
Cannella Cinnamon Apple

Since Cannella is a premium flavor of cinnamon, we’ve recently changed the sizes as well, this flavor only come in the 10″. Gluten free. Sweetness #6.

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Delicious pie

Delicious is made from agave, organic dark chocolate, pecans and Tequila. It’s graded as a #6 – 7  sweetness level.  It’s one of my favorites. Minimum order of 12 for the 3 inch tarts. Gluten free.

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e-gift cards
e-Gift Cards

e-Gift cards are available to any amount.

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Italian Euphoria
Italian Euphoria

Italian Euphoria is made from almonds, organic dark chocolate, agave and Amaretto. Sweetness is graded at #9. For the Sweet toothers. Minimum order of 12 for 3 inch pies.

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Pumpkin & Grande Marnier

Manifesto is a seasonal pie made from scratch with pie pumpkins and Grand Marnier. There is a minimum order of 12 for 3 inch tarts.

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Cannella pies
Orange Burst

Cannella is made from vodka base with a heavy cinnamon flavor. Plus there are additional cinnamon sticks left in the bottles to age. Joe (the creator) wanted an apple pie made with Cannella, that sounds great, there are so many apple pies with cinnamon that I said let’s test it. I created a recipe with mandarin oranges, rind and pecans. We did a taste test the “Orange Burst,” people liked it more. Just because it was something different.

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