Forgotten Wines from Germany

Forgotten german wines

Forgotten wines from Germany, these are world classic wines which are largely ignored.  One wine is from Alsace accidentally. A surprise wine from New York JJ Prum Riesling $31- $33 entry level.  Heaven in a Bottle.  The granddaughter of J. J. Prum Katharina Prum is now heading the exquisite vineyards located in Mosel. Wehlen, Mosel-Saar-Ruwer, Germany- The legendary Prüm family has been making wine in …

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Thank you from Sedona Pies

We thank you from Sedona Pies, for another successful Food and Wine Fest, we are so appreciative of those we spoke to. We gave away 650 kind messages. Why stop the enthusiasm here? – Check out the 30 day kind deed event for the month of October. I would also like to thank my friends Karen Stanford and Jai Hues for hanging out with me …

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Customer Loyalty Program

Italian Euphoria

We’ve just put together a customer loyalty program when you join not only can you get 20% off your orders we have other perks too! Keeping our customers loyal is really important to us. We’ve partnered up with CB20 it’s full name is Cash Back 20. Not only can you get 20% off of Sedona Pies you can also shop with other merchants on the …

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What’s new with fundraising?

Sedona pies header

What’s new with fundraising? As a company we want to make a difference in our local community. We are launching a fundraising program. Many years ago I worked in the Fundraising field, I really enjoyed it. Had the privilege of helping many non-profits both in the traditional side and the corporate social committees side to raise money for their causes. Came up with “Let’s work …

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Getting Your Share of the Pie

tequila pie

Getting your share of the pie, which means getting seed capital or a micro-loan. Myra Goldrick interviewed me on Blab about Kiva Zip and how I used them to fund Sedona Pies. Never say, it’s impossible. This is Myra’s mantra and tag line. Read more about Myra on her website.

We are 100% Funded

Sacrebleu blueberry & cabernet wine

Yes! We are 100% funded through Kiva Zip as of February 19th, 2016 come join us for our adventure in 2016. I have been spending my time calling following up leads for a shared commercial kitchen, so we can start selling Sedona Pies. As an Update it’s been an interesting ride. Even though we are now located in the bay area, I’ve realized that I …

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