Rose’ Wine a Seasonal Favorite

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Rose’ wine a seasonal favorite, poured as an offering. Most people are missing sublime elegance of authentic, sustainably grown, historic and family owned Rose’s.

The three Rose’ s that Valerie,  has chosen to write about, have all these attributes.  She has been to the vineyards and spent time with the families.  They always share their biggest concerns especially in farming organically.

First one is Chateau Pigoudet is simply the classic style of Rose’.  Located in Coteaux d’Aix-en-Provence, the blend is Grenache  Cabernet Sauvignon, Syrah, and Cinsault.   CABERNET is unusual in a Ros’’.  Many times they harvest at night as this method preserves the freshness of Rose’. This  estate has 40 hectares.

They told us an interesting point,  the wild boars are vicious and they are looking for the most humane way to deter them from eating and trampling the vines.

Secondly, they import thousands of cases a season to the cruise lines by December.  They must start an earlier vilification process to do this.  In contrast, New York will usually see Chateau Pigoudet in May. They  received the designation Haut Valeur Environmental , the new designation for organic in all stainless steel production.    Read more

The second one Anne and Marc ( the late) Pichon They began to resurrect the defunct domaine called Murmurium, meaning “the buzzing song of bees.”   The Rose’s vineyards were organic for many years leading up to Anne and Marc’s stewardship.

The Domaine is a satellite called Mont Ventoux.  Many T. Edward wines sales reps had to ride Mont Ventoux with Marc to prove their stamina.  I was not there.  However, being a hill climber addict, from Austin, Texas, I would have left at least one cyclist behind.  This area is known for the Mistral wind which is a desert wind that prevents any pests or mold in  the vineyard.  Located in the Rhone, varietals are Syrah, Grenache, Cinsault.

After Marc’s untimely death, the Pichons  they still produce 40 barrels exclusively for T. Edward wines.

The wine labels are some of the most beautiful. A gold embossed bee is on the label of every bottle. Gris Montaigne Rose’ is the hand written label on the Rose’.âteau-coussin

Third one Chateau Coussin is one of three Estates owned by the Sumeire family. Located in the village of Trets,  at the foothills of the Sainte Victoire mountains near Aix en Provence. The Sumeire family have traced their ancestors in Trets to the year 1500.  ( 1238 when you visit their website. ).

Their estates include Chateau Coussin gallery known predominantly for Rose’ in the US, Chateau L’ Afrique which dates back to the Romans, producing Rose’, rouge and Blanc and Chateau Maupage, producing two Rose’s and a Rouge.

While Chateau Coussin employs the usual varietals of Provence rose, ( Grenache, Cinsault, Syrah) they also use the Tibouren varietal in their Rose’.   Some labels read La Croix du Prieur in the Chateau Coussin line.

Interestingly, in 1937 Chateau Coussin was the dowery for one of the ancestors.  They are sustainable  using minimal treatments that have no effect on the environment, terroir or wildlife. Read more about them

Some great adventures about Rose’ Wine  being a Seasonal Favorite. Read more the wine articles

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