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How to Save Money on Wedding Costs

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How to save money on wedding costs, some of them are the things you can do yourself.  Not all of them, just some of them and where to find the bargains.

Where to find bargains?

Most wedding dresses cost from $249 to $649 when they are marked down from full retail prices of $900. to $9,000.
• At the end of the year sales at Bridal stores
• Wholesalers may throw a trunk sale
• Have someone make your dress for you
The cost of a median wedding fell 8% last year to $17,500 compared to 2008, according to the latest survey by the Knot, the popular wedding website. The biggest cost is usually the reception, and these days the shrimp cocktails are smaller and the wine is cheaper. The average reception cost fell $10 per guess to $63, say the Knot.

Why the big shift? Due to the recession, and the bride’s parents are back on the hook again. During booming times most young couples can afford paying more costs.

The wedding business is very recession-resistant.” says Carley Roney, who is the Knot’s editor-in-chief.

Your $18,000 wedding, may really cost you between $90,00 and $200,00. Why? In all the excitement you keep adding people to the invite list, your food is the biggest cost, and then you have your wine and liquor, soon your food bill for your guests is $50,00 to $110,000.

Food for thought.

Here’s some tips to make your day a success.

1. Don’t have a cash bar (it’s not acceptable, even in a recession)
2. Don’t cut back in having your brother or dad to do your photo’s (unless they are pro’s)
3. Don’t cut back on the tips or staff

1. Do save $500 here and there by producing your own invitations, or buy artist cards
2. Use a DJ instead of a band
3. Serve Wedding Pie or Tarts instead
4. Switch your day to a weekday instead of a Saturday
5. Hold it off season
6. Invite fewer people
7. Elope and have your reception later

Remember, every dollar that you save will make you richer for other things like a Honeymoon or savings or a house.

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