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Shop for a Good Cause – We support the local food pantries by “Feeding the Hungry one pie at a time.” Every pie that you buy has been going the local pantry.”

Keep this in mind when you are ordering. I had a surprise call from a gal, who asked me where or how come Sedona Pies isn’t operating. I just have to say, due to COVID and all the confusion that was going on I just closed it.  Plus, I still need  to find a kitchen to bake out of. By next year I will find a place.. likely baking at home.

Thanksgiving is coming up, and I proposed to the Chef’s Lounge  that as a group that we bake pies and donate them to the hospitals. It would be a great give back for all of us.. Rather than buy something on Black Friday why not donate to my “Shop for a good cause!” campaign??

I would love to give a card on your behalf  when the pies go out to be delivered, just to show that you participated. Please donate whatever amount you feel so inclined to give.  If you send me your mailing address I’ll mail you out a card too!

Thank you for your support to bring some joy to our hospital workers, for Thanksgiving.


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