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Be kind
Adore me
Adore me

Adore me is made from fresh peaches and chardonnay wine, she’s the sister of “I’m so Sexy.” This is a seasonal pie only when the peaches are in season. The sweetness level is about #4. Minimum order of 12 for 3 inch pies.

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Blissful is strawberry and rhubarb with rose wine. It’s wonderful when the the fruit is fresh and in season. Some people have said, they have never had this kind of pie, if you are from the mid-west you just love strawberry and rhubarb pie. Sweetness level is #2. Minimum order of 12 for 3 inch pies.

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Delicious is made from agave, organic dark chocolate, pecans and Tequila. It’s graded as a #6 – 7  sweetness level.  It’s one of my favorites. Minimum order of 12 for the 3 inch tarts. Gluten free is available

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Group Pie Parties

Group pie parties are great for getting your friends together to learn how to make a pie.

We’ve done them before always had a great time. Gather your girlfriends together or make it a family event or a Team building exercise for a fun afternoon or you just want to surprise your partner. Come meet some new people and have fun! $95.00/person, includes all the ingredients.


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Hello Mello pie
Hello Mello

Hello Mello is made from mixed berries, like blackberries, raspberries, blueberries, strawberries or any special in season berries and merlot wine. Sweetness #2 Hello Mello came about as some of the women asked for different kind of berries added to blueberries. Minimum order of 12 for the 3 inch pies.

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I'm sexy
I’m so Sexy

I’m so Sexy it’s a nectarine and chardonnay wine pie. A friend used learned to say “I’m so sexy” whenever she made a mistake. This happened to me too, I thought I was buying peaches when I got home they were really nectarines. The sweetness level is #4. Minimum order for the 3″ tarts is 12. or the 10″ pie size.

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Italian Euphoria
Italian Euphoria

Italian Euphoria is made from almonds, organic dark chocolate, agave and Amaretto. Sweetness is graded at #9. For the Sweet toothers. Minimum order of 12 for 3 inch pies.

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Pumpkin & Grande Marnier

Manifesto is made with pumpkin from scratch with pie pumpkins, special spices and Grande Marnier. They aren’t your usual pies they tend to be a lighter color as well. There is a minimum order of 12 for the 3 inch tarts. They are also Gluten free, Sweetness #4. To see other Spirit flavors hop over to read about them

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beer pie

Naughty they are made with Agave, pecans and beer. A very smooth pie this will add more sweetness to your taste buds. Sweetness graded at #4. Minimum order of 12 for 3 inch pies. Naughty came about, from playing around using beer as the mix. Visit the beer page.

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naughty 2
Naughty 2

Beer based – Naughty 2 made with Agave, pecans, dark organic chocolate and beer. A very smooth this will add more sweetness to your taste buds. Sweetness graded at #4. Minimum order of 12 for 3 inch pies.Gluten free crust is available.

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Cannella pies
Orange Burst

Cannella is made from vodka base with a heavy cinnamon flavor. Plus there are additional cinnamon sticks left in the bottles to age. Joe (the creator) wanted an apple pie made with Cannella, that sounds great, there are so many apple pies with cinnamon that I said let’s test it. I created a recipe with mandarin oranges, rind and pecans. We did a taste test the “Orange Burst,” people liked it more. Just because it was something different.

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