Enroll today in the VIP Premium Sedona Pie Club. Our Pie of the Month Club you call share with your clients, friends and family. They make wonderful gifts.

pie of the month club

rhubarb & strawberriesThis picture was taken by @RedBlueRiver it’s a Strawberry and Rhubarb Pie made from Pillsbury Rose wine. (their one night stand wine)

Thank you so much for joining us, The Sedona Pie Club, and your willingness to want to have fun with us, hang out and learn how to make pies and much more. You are important to us.

Announcing a VIP Premium Pie Club Membership Membership Benefits are:

▪ 10% off your orders
▪ A complimentary Pie of the month – This is a special
flavored pie not on the regular menu
▪ Reduced ordering time to 24 hours instead of 48 hours
▪ Working on more offers – like discounts off wine and other complimentary products

Accepting PayPal, you can pay on a monthly subscription or pay one year in advance and get $360.00 when you pay one year in advance you’ll receive 10% more on each order that you buy. It’s like getting extra goodies or credits.

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