Pie Parties are Powerful Workshops

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Pie Parties are powerful workshops for team building, or just bringing in some fun and happiness into your day with your friends.  Make wonderful gifts.

It’s a  3-4  hour class, where you will learn my secrets in making a fabulous pie crust and you’ll make a pie. We’ll be making a fruit pie of the season.  All the ingredients are supplied. 

All you would have to supply is:

    • An apron
    • Bring your fun personality.

Pie Making Party with your friends

It’s a fun day morning, afternoon or evening.. we’ll do a tasting, making the pastry –  it’s customized to what you would like to do. A minimum of four (4) people.

Team Workshops

If you chose to do this as a group workshop at your workplace, I’ll help your team have a great experience, learn about each other so there is less friction in working together.  Conflicts do come up how do we resolve them,  so people feel safe to speak up. The conflicts are mostly about not feeling enough, low confidence or low self esteem.  At the end of the activity we’ll be able to share our stories, celebrate each other by creating positive memories together.  

Please reach out to me, Mari-Lyn aka The Pie Princess  at 510-320-8332 or just to to the shop and pay there.


Due to the unique preparations entailed for workshops, there are no refunds or exchanges for any reason. If within 48 hours of your scheduled workshop, you find you are unable to attend, please let me know and send someone in your place. That time is booked and reserved for you and I cannot recoup lost time or ingredients prepared for your workshop.  Gift certificates are valid for the length of time stated on them and are not redeemable for cash.

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