Welcome to Sedona Pie Shipping instructions to ensure you have the best experience ordering from us, whether it’s overnight or delivery.

  • We might charge a little extra for shipping your Pies, but that’s because we take extra precautions when packaging your product.
  • Our Pies are custom made and then they are shipped.
  • They are then put in our special shipping container with freeze packets to keep your Pie nice and fresh.
  • Our shipping container should keep your pie in the best possible conditions so when you receive your Pie it will be ready to bake.
  • This process is for Pies shipped cross-country…it will depend upon your ZIP for the shipping costs.
  • We ship out orders on Monday & Wednesday’s
  • We do require 24 hours notice so we can get your pie ready to ship out on Monday or Wednesday
  • We use Fedex or UPS and DO NOT mail pies.

Can we ship your products to an apartment?

Yes. However, the shipping carriers will not leave your package at the door if no one is home or no one answers the door of an apartment building or complex. Furthermore, we cannot force the driver to leave the package if no one is home. Our suggestion is to have your package shipped to a place of employment or a friends house. Since perishable items are being shipped,  we will not be responsible or issue refunds if a delivery attempt was made on time and the recipient was not home to receive the package. It is your responsibility to inform your recipient of your impending delivery.

Can we ship to a PO or APO address?

If your PO or APO address is a depot and someone can sign then they can be shipped. If no one is there to sign, then we cannot.


If the parcel carrier fails to deliver your package on time, your shipping charges will be refunded. This offer excludes all Ground shipments, and attempted deliveries to apartment addresses. However, our refund policy does not cover: Acts of God (includes weather delays), an act of war, Ground shipments (arrival dates are not guaranteed, only estimated), and high seasonal shipping volume (such as Thanksgiving and Christmas).

All packages must be returned in its original condition (unopened and still in its plastic wrap) to receive a refund on the shipping. We cannot accept returns of opened gift baskets. Packages returned that have been opened will not be eligible for a refund.

 We can not be responsible for incorrect shipping address information and refunds will not be issued. Additionally, if a package is returned undeliverable, we will happily re-ship the item at the customers expense.

 For products shipping to hospitals, apartment, businesses, hotels, colleges or similar location, we will attempt delivery of the package to the street address provided by the customer.  A signature will be required upon accepting the delivery. We assume no liability for gifts that are lost within the delivery building, or failed to be delivered by the employees, or arrive after the recipient has checked out. Refund/return requests must be made within seven (7) days of your delivery date.

If you have any questions, please fill out this form or call us at the office 510-320-8332.

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