Spirit pies are made with spirits, liquors and other specialty choices. Welcome to the spirited world of pies here at Sedona Pies.  

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The new sizes offered now are 3″ and 10″ anything else is a special order.  Wheat flour & GF are available currently.

Italian Euphoria pie
Italian Euphoria  Sweetness #8 
Made with agave, almonds, dark chocolate and Amaretto

Spirit Pies 1
Cannella Cordial  Orange Burst Sweetness #8
A specialty pies made with “Cannella Cordial,”it’s a cinnamon flavored spirit. Brewed locally in San Francisco, CA by Joe Cannella.  * This is a a specialty pie*

Made with mandarin oranges, rinds, pecans, Agave, cinnamon & Cannella Cordial.”
Sprit pies
 Delicious Sweetness #7
Is made with Agave, Pecans, dark chocolate and Tequila. The first time making this everyone said “It’s Delicious.” The name “Delicious” just stuck.

“The Delicious pie was just perfect, smooth.” Shannon
butter rum pie
Butter Rum Sweetness #9  Made with currants, rum, a little agave.  It’s a traditional Canadian pie served during the Christmas season.  One of my favorites.
Manifesto - pumpkin
Manifesto Sweetness #6 Pumpkin, made from real pumpkin, does have dairy in it (eggs & milk) and Grand Marnier.
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