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Cannella is made from vodka base with a heavy cinnamon flavor. Plus there are additional cinnamon sticks left in the bottles to age. Joe (the creator) wanted an apple pie made with Cannella, that sounds great, there are so many apple pies with cinnamon that I said let’s test it. I created a recipe with mandarin oranges, rind and pecans. We did a taste test the “Orange Burst,” people liked it more. Just because it was something different.

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Cannella orange burst is one of the unique flavors in Sedona Pies collection. Made with oranges, rind, pecans, agave and canella cordial, which is a cinnamon flavor. This is a special offering. It’s a cordial with a Cinnamon flavor. There is only one size with this flavor the 10″. for other Spirit pies learn about them on this page.

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Dimensions 10 × 10 × 2.5 in



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