Client appreciation is important for any business. If you are one of these people and you enjoy giving and you want to build a stronger relationship with your top clients read along.

Here at Sedona Pies, we believe that people who like the finest things – fine wine, fine music, and fine food – are the people who Love Sedona’s Sinfully Delicious Pies.

Oh sure,  you could keep giving a pen or cup with your logo on it. However, just image what your top clients say about you?

“Here we go if last’s years mug wasn’t enough”..

Or whatever they say, you can bet it’s not flattering, now is it?

There is nothing more insulting when the gifts are sitting in someone’s corner floor or they have thrown it away once they have gotten home.

The gift you give represents you!

When you give a gift that is intended to show your appreciation of your clients, friends or family they’ll appreciate you that much more.

If you want to find out more about the VIP Club, from Sedona Pies call my office today at: 408-624-9226 or go to the Gifts for Clients

The truth is, giving a gift that touches the heart, the spirit, the stomach and pleases the eye is of greater value than that mug they toss into the garbage!

Discover this real value package. The VIP Club!

And discover just how easy you can get yourself some sinfully delicious pies, that represents who you really are – the successful business person your clients want to work with.

Call Today!  T: 510-320-8332 Discover the flavors that are available

Remember the usual pen or mug means you’re just like the rest. But a pie makes you one of a kind success — and your clients’ will know it.

Don’t let yourself or your clients down. No one can give what you will – each pie is different, special and custom made with your expectations in mind.

Get ready to be talked about!

You’ll automatically raise your level of being a special and unique business – because others will talk about you and the pie that you give – guaranteed! As a matter of fact read what our customers have said about us.

The VIP Club, you choose if you want your pies all at once or at the 1st of every month, for 12 months. Local delivery is $10 per month, when you join the VIP Club.

* “Join the VIP Club today!”

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