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Small Business Person of 2018

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Small Business Person of 2018, I just found out that I won on Alignable. Something fun to share. It just sprinkled a litte sunshine on my business.

It seems we all can have wacky days, some you just have to go with the flow and others you want to say “What the #$%*?”

I knew voting was happening on Alignable, as I did post about it. It was announced a couple of days ago. It’s exciting too – by the time Sunday rolled around I was feeling a little defeated.

Small businessperson

As you know I’ve been exploring Farmers Markets to help create a store front and to expand into other areas of San Francisco. Started in Cupertino. I’ve realized that the demographics aren’t really my customers.

I was thinking to myself how can I improve on what I am doing here? What else can I add? Yes, selling the fillings and sauces have been in the plans for awhile, co-packers the last two have what I would call jumped ship. Then, there was a gal selling Pesto at the market and she knew of a co-packer that I could work with.

In the meantime, while I wait for her to get back to me, I made three flavors into 24oz jars. Perfect for a sauce or marinade. They are not shelf stable (this is what a co-packer would help me with.) Now working with a package designer for the labels, until then you can still buy the jars and I’ll give you some recipe cards to help you to get creative in your cooking and baking.

The Blueberries or Sacrebleu is great with Chicken or Pork as a marinade. I’ve tried them myself. Or you can just make your own pie. Adore pears, apples and beer. The third one is Hello Mello – mixed berries (blueberries, raspberries, marion berries, blackberries.)

One customer at the market said “She would buy the fillings as her family have so many allergies that she would just make her own pies”.

Crackers Got a couple of recipes will start to experiment, as I was asked by a brewery if I would make crackers for them, they then would sell them.

Yes, some days are up and down, one just has to keep believing and knowing your WHY in growing your business and keep moving forward.

Sprinkle sunshine everywhere, even on those who are cranky and miserable.

Have a great week!

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