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Sedona pies encourages our customers to speak for us, rather than us telling you about the delicious pies.

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Our beta testers are always interested in tasting the latest one that has been made. Who wouldn’t?

You’ll find our other Pie Fan Raves on this page.

Archives of other news and testimonials. Of course there are many times, we wished we had a video camera with us, for people to share their experiences. Whether they love them or not. Feedback is what makes us improve.

Thank you from all my customers, friends and fans for the Testimonials

“I met Mari-Lyn through a networking group – she visited my tea store and we had a lovely chat.  She also brought along a memorably scrumptious plum pie.  I felt a bit guilty about eating the whole thing (but not guilty enough to actually share), so I would say “sinfully delicious” is a perfect description of her pies.  You won’t find anything like them at the grocery store!  Buy the book and get thee to thy kitchen!”  Valarie Shaw Co-owner, Fleur de Teas

“They are phenomenal, I have never tasted anything like this before..They are unique and delicious. I highly recommend them.” Robert M. Salamone “The pastry is the very best, I love the great flavors, my best is “Tart on the Beach,” I can’t wait to try out all your other flavors.” Ray Holley, The Holley Group

“I love your pies, I can’t remember in my entire life a more memorable pies than yours, my favorite is “Italian Euphoria.” I just love your pies”.  Lin Ennis

“We attended Mari-Lyn’s Wine and Pie Tasting event at Pillburys Tasting room, where she paired a (Peach pie) “Adore” with the Pinot Gris and “Blush”  (Strawberry & Rhubarb) with the Rosé – One Night Stand. It was something we never tasted before, they were delicious”. A perfect compliment with the wines.” Maralyn Hill, The Epicurean Explorer

“Decadence has so many meanings but I’m more attracted to the reference when it comes to food.  Having had a reputable career in the restaurant business in New York City and dating three chefs: one Irish (with two restaurants in NYC at the time), one Portuguese (the chef for the trustees dining room in one of the major museums in NYC) and marrying the Italian whose family had a restaurant for 30 years in the States….I’d like to think I know a little something about food.

When it comes to deserts, I am a junkie like anyone else but only for finer ingredients and quality.  That being said, I’m not interested in store bought or boxed items, corn syrup and dye filled pastries or pies that leave me with an upset stomach and headache.  I adore homemade, pure ingredients and flavors that are allowed to blossom on my palate naturally and my friend Mari-Lyn does that with her pies!  Not only do I get the joy of eating a desert but I find that my guilt levels decrease because I know its filled with quality ingredients, nothing fake or enhancing or chemical…and its infused with love. Her pies are different than the over-sweetened American styled deserts we have become accustomed to in our culture.  I’ve had the pleasure of eating deserts from several parts of the world and my greatest appreciation is that they don’t attack my senses with sugar.  Mari-Lyn’s pies have a natural sweetness to them that allows one to enjoy the pure essence of the berries, wine, liquor, chocolate and even the crust.  I’ve enjoyed all of her pies and I’m always hungry for more!  They are satisfying to the palate and to the conscious epicurean.  Eat, enjoy and eat some more!” Love, Linda Damita

“I just Love, Love Mari-Lyn’s pies. Her pies taste so fabulous because they are overflowing with the best fruit and fillings you could imagine. The crust is flaky and delicious too. My favorite is her blue berry pie, the taste of the blueberries shines through with each bite. Yum, yum.  I can imagine it right now just writing this. Thank you Mari-Lyn for making the best pies on the world!” Faith Barnard.

If you have any comments or testimonials that you would like to share, leave a comment. Thanks!