The Best Memories are Gifts

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The best memories are gifts, thinking about the variety of things and people I’m grateful for. Sometimes just sharing our stories, would be to share some gifts.

Grateful for my morning coffee.. smooth, rich and hot.. first thing in the morning.

Memories of spending time with friends and the stories we share with each other.. and about each other, even if they are not here with us. They may be in spirit only.

A friend of  mine posted this about agreements:

  1. Open-mindedness: listen to and respect all points of view
  2. Acceptance: Suspend judgement as best as you can
  3. Curiousity: Seek to understand rather than persuade
  4. Discovery: Question assumptions, look for new insights
  5. Sincerity: Speak from your heart and personal experience
  6. Brevity: Go for honesty and depth, don’t go on and on

Great little agreements for a group to follow.. it’s important that we are willing to listen more than talk.

Recently  I had an experience of a gal, who seems too have this excessive need to talk. Yet, what she really wants is to have people listen to her. Being an empathic, I can’t be in the same room or zoom call with her. Unfortunately we all have these types of people in our lives.

Memories of  being with friends laughing about things at the time that might of  been sad or bad, we hopeful can still see the humor in those situations.

When I worked many years ago in a Steak and Pizza place, sometimes the food would come out too late, you know the times when you wonder where is my food?

I ordered before those other people.” They got their food before you did.

“You are mad at the waitress, did you order it? or why isn’t coming out from the kitchen?”

Yep! I heard it all… and seen it all.

This one night it was really bad, several of us, our meals were not coming out of the kitchen and we would offer free wine with dinner when you get it or /and  a replenishment of drinks  complimentary while you waited.

I kept saying” I’m sorry

It just got to the point of our guests and us,  tired of hearing and saying “I’m sorry!

At the end of the night, the staff is cleaning up, we sit down to have a drink at the end of our shift. Sharing our stories of “I’m sorry.”  I still remember how funny it was that we were laughing about saying I’m sorry and the play on words, in our conversations.

Our end of the shift stories is not to take away, our apologies for the late dinners or you being upset of not getting your food on time.  We are sorry!

Sometimes, you just have to take situations and find the humor in it all..

I’m going to leave you with this article about Kindness,  it’s the little things about caring that leaves us with gifts of memories… I do hope you enjoy it.

What do you think of doing a networking/sharing call together?

We could share what we are up to, what we need help with or other topics?  I’ve been thinking about doing this.. and you could invite your friends too.. maybe we’ll call it….what?

I’ll send out a notice with a link to join in..

I started calling people in my address book, my intention was to find out, where they are at,  how they are doing and let them know that I care. It’s always about showing up. Little things about being kind.

The Best Memories are gifts, was a quote from a friend who passed away over a year ago. It’s quite memorable.  I’ll end this post with the idea that we can remember and share stories about our lives with people.

Have a wonderful week, until next time!

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