The joy of summer, getting out to travel, have fun.  Life offers some wonderful good things to see.

Be a local tourist!


Bow Valley Calgary, AB

The night line overlooking Bow Valley, in Calgary, AB Canada.

Mari-Lyn & the lion
Mari-Lyn , Mr. Lion and Bow Valley Bridge
Karen Stanford Jenkins, Mari-lyn
Hanging out with Karen Stanford Jenkins for an evening walk. Calgary AB
Bette Daoust, Vancouver.BC
Out on a walk with Bette Daoust, around Stanley Park, Vancouver, BC
Driving through the mountains
Driving through the mountains in AB.BC Canada. a rainy day
The Joy of Summer 1

Banff National Park, the water is even more aqua in color than this, higher up the stream. It was a Beautiful day!

Karen Cantelon
Touring the Ukrainian Village just outside of Edmonton, AB Canada with Karen Cantelon
Where am I now?

Where am I now? Starts with O and ends with N? Taking a  break from driving on the way to Canada.

Enjoy the pictures.. I have a few more not enough to make a difference. I would encourage you to make your way up there.. to Canada

Golden, BC  is under construction, what’s new.. widening the Canada #1 highway.

In Alberta there are 4 seasons, mostly just two – winter and construction.

I really enjoyed looking at the beauty, most of the highway, right now, there aren’t very many spots to pull over and take pictures… after the new highway.. there will be I am sure.

The joy of summer is waiting for you. Get out there and explore. be a local tourist.!

Until next time… be well

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