The variety of flavors Sedona Pies keeps growing, over eighteen different kinds, however we are sticking to nine flavors available all the time.

Wine Pies
Wine pies Peach and Blissful

Spirit Pies
Cannella pies Cannella Cordial

beer pies
Beer pies Naughty

The other flavors will be available for the pie of the month club. If you have any special requests for a pie flavor you would like to have, let me know. **Note we don’t make any cream pies or quiches.

Our pies are Vegan. Gluten free is available just request it when you order, otherwise its made with regular gluten flour.

Pastry is made from scratch if you want the recipe Magic Pie Recipe


+ Enriched wheat flour ( mixed barley flour, Niacin, Thiamine, Mononitrate, Flabodlavin, Folic acid)
+ Gluten free flour (whole grain sorgum flour, potato starch, tapioca starch, xanthan gum.)
+ Lard (BHA Gallate, Citric Acid)
+ Salt
+ Tapocia flour
+ Water
+ Fruit seasonal fresh & frozen, currants, raisins,
+ Spirits – wine, beer, tequila, rum, cannella, amaretto, grand marnier.
+ Sweetner – Agave, 100% pure agave nectar
+ Nuts – walnuts, pecans, almonds

Sizes: 3″ 5″ and 10″

The pies are graded like a bottle of wine #1 – #9, one being not so sweet (tart) to #9 being very sweet.

If you want your pies sweeter than they usually are, there is an extra charge.

All pies are topless, except for the PieLettes.

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