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Beer pies are unique and wonderful with a few ingredient variations which gives them an unique taste. Each pie is graded by how sweet it is.

Beer and Apple Pie

Sedona Spirit 

Apples are plentiful in Sedona as there are many orchards around. I worked with Rob who made apple cider, he would take my pies to the farmers market with him. He found people either would buy both or one or the other. They came back for more.

Sedona Spirit – Pielette” price=”$2.99 [wp_cart_button name=”Sedona Spirit – Pielette” price=”$2.99″] Sedona Spirit – 5″ serves 2″ price=”$8.00 [wp_cart_button name=”Sedona Spirit – 5″ serves 2″ price=”$8.00″] Sedona Spirit – Family size 10″ price=”$33.00 [wp_cart_button name=”Sedona Spirit – Family size 10″ ” price=”$33.00″]


At Sedona Pies we use Agave as the filling, it’s sweet except you don’t get a sugar high. Now this is sweet and naughty. Even people who don’t like beer love this version. You can see in the picture below how good it looks!

naughty pecans, agave and beer

Naughty – 5″ serves 2″ price=”$8.00 [wp_cart_button name=”Naughty – 5″ serves 2″ price=”$8.00″] Naughty – Family size 10″ ” price=”$33.00[wp_cart_button name=”Naughty – Family size 10″ ” price=”$33.00″]

Naughty 2

Naughty 2 is the same as above only with dark organic chocolate added. It’s even richer. Naughty 2 was made after experimenting, adding dark organic chocolate to the main filling. People love this version too!

naughty 2

Naughty 2 – 5″ serves 2″ price=”$8.00 [wp_cart_button name=”Naughty 2 – 5″ serves 2″ price=”$8.00″] Naughty 2 – Family size 10″ ” price=”$33.00 [wp_cart_button name=”Naughty 2 – Family size 10″ ” price=”$33.00″]
Try them all out! The Pielette is ONLY available with Sedona Spirit, the apple filling.


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