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The wine pies are naturally sweetened and a joyful experience.NO added sugar or sweeteners, just wine and fruit

However, if you like them sweeter, we suggest that just add a dollop of ice cream or whipped cream or both. Sinfully delicious!

All pies are graded like a bottle of wine for sweetness level. From tart 0 to 10 is very sweet. Gluten free crust is available. Please ask!

This was one of the first recipes to make.. we loved blueberries and much exploration of how to add the wine without adding chemicals or other additives – it’s a winner. One of my favorites.

Sacrebleu blueberry & Cabernet wine

Sacrebleu – Pielette” price [wp_cart_button name=”Sacrebleu – Pielette” price=”$2.99″] Sacrebleu – 5″ price [wp_cart_button name=”Sacrebleu – Serves 2 -5″ price=”$7.99″] Sacrebleu – Family size” price=”$32.99[wp_cart_button name=”Sacrebleu – Family size” price=”$32.99″]
Hello Mello
Mixed berries, like strawberries. blueberries, raspberries and blackberries. Fresh or in season as much as possible. This came about, when someone asked for other berries to be added to the blueberries.

mixed berries & merlot wine

Hello Mello – Pielette” price=”$2.99 [wp_cart_button name=”Hello Mello – Pielette” price=”$2.99″] Hello Mello- Serves 2 5″ price=”$7.99 [wp_cart_button name=”Hello Mello- Serves 2 5″ price=”$7.99″] Hello Mello – Family size” price=”$32.99 [wp_cart_button name=”Hello Mello – Family size” price=”$32.99″]

If you Love Rhubarb then you’ll love the strawberry and rhubarb pie. I was lucky many years ago, a gal I knew said her neighbor has so much rhubarb and she would tell me and I used to go over there and pick it. I would could come out with 2 or 3 garbage bags full. This was a time way before I started my pie business. People who live in the prairies or western states usually love this pie. Rhubarb tends to be on the tart side.

rhubarb & strawberry pie

Blissful – Pielette” price=”$2.99 [wp_cart_button name=”Blissful – Pielette” price=”$2.99″] Blissful – Serves 2 5″ price=”$7.99[wp_cart_button name=”Blissful – Serves 2 5″ price=”$7.99″] Blissful – Family size” price=”$32.99[wp_cart_button name=”Blissful – Family size” price=”$32.99″]
Adore me
Nothing like a fresh peach in the summer, don’t you think? What a better way to make a pie with it? Selected chardonnay wine to make it a lighter and bolder flavor.
Adore me  Peach

Adore me – Pielette” price=”$2.99 [wp_cart_button name=”Adore me – Pielette” price=”$2.99″] Adore me – Serves 2 5″ price=”$7.99[wp_cart_button name=”Adore me – Serves 2 5″ price=”$7.99″] Adore me – Family size” price=”$32.99[wp_cart_button name=”Adore me – Family size” price=”$32.99″]
I’m so Sexy
The funny story about this one, is that I was taking a class and the instructor told us whenever she makes a mistake she says “I’m so sexy.” I was bringing in a couple of pies for a potluck. I went to the store and bought peaches or so I thought. They were actually nectarines. This became an “I’m so Sexy” pie. Whether you want peaches or nectaries it’s still a delicious pie.

nectarine pie

I’m so Sexy – Pielette” price=”$2.99 [wp_cart_button name=”I’m so Sexy – Pielette” price=”$2.99″] I’m so Sexy – Serves 2 5″ price=”$7.99[wp_cart_button name=”I’m so Sexy – Serves 2 5″ price=”$7.99″] I’m so Sexy – Family size” price=”$32.99[wp_cart_button name=”I’m so Sexy – Family size” price=”$32.99″]
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