Sedona Pies today – We believe that every company needs a cause. In order to create a better world, we are creating a better company.

About Sedona Pies, produced by Dave Burckhard of Picture Point Pictures.

Our Social Good supports people who are hungry, to help the homeless have a home, and community gardens.
* 5% of our profits goes into feeding the hungry.
* Work and learn program to teach employees how to become food Entrepreneurs
* Become a leader in creating a compassionate business
* To create jobs for people underserved
* Value our customers with Kindness and respect

We are an artisan bakery creating sinfully delicious pies, they are gourmet and unique. As the founder chief creator Mari-Lyn Harris aka The Pie Princes. Who’s talking about pies? The Pie Princess is along with her fans.

Since I love to bake, my mother would say “What are you doing now?” I learned how to make pies with my Grandma Hudson, they had apple and crabapple trees in their backyard, which were plentiful.

Here were some accolades that people have gave::
◆ Outrageous pie, Wow!
◆ The cranberries just burst in your mouth – full of flavor
◆ Best Pecan pie ever
◆ Loved the Grapefruit & Lime
◆ Very good
◆ Fantastically delicious – inventively satisfying
◆ Pastry is out of this world – “Love your pastry!”
◆ Very flavorful…
• Great Pie
• Yummy!
• Really Good!!

We make Adult Gourmet Pies. Why adult you ask? Because they are made with Beer, Wine and Spirits, these are my specialties, naughty ingredients.

As an artisan bakery, we’ve grown through word of mouth, exhibiting, cross-promoting and getting reviews and raves from my customers, using Social Media and video marketing.

We offer the pies as a vehicle for social change. Besides giving back to our local community, we are taking the pies into organizations who need to raise money, such as social committees, non-profits or just groups who are seeking funds to start-up or want to pay it forward.

Sedona pies are great in a gift basket for welcoming, your guests for B’n’B’s, hotel rooms, a gift for the Host, just to say Thank you! It’s all about our relationships and retaining our clients and paying it forward to our community too!

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Looking forward in serving you soon!

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