About us, we are a small artisan bakery, and we are growing organically, offering gourmet pies infused with fine spirits — and love.

By donating 5% of profits to community programs, I help feed the hungry, one pie at a time.

Welcome to Sedona Pies, an artisian bakery in the San Francisco Bay Area! I am the chief creator and baker, Mari-Lyn Harris, a.k.a. the Pie Princess. Here is my story.

Several years ago, while watching the heartwarming movie “Waitress,” I was inspired, like the main character, to start making pies as a business. (Unlike that character, I was happily married at the time.)

I had always loved sharing baked goods with friends and neighbors near my home in Sedona, Arizona. Now I could see myself making a living baking gourmet pies like those in the movie.

While visiting San Francisco, I asked my friends if it would be OK if I made some pies at their home. “Pie,” Doug intoned in the voice of Homer Simpson. I took that as a yes. By day’s end, I had made five pies of different flavors. They were a big hit.

On the way home, I started to chat with Robin (now my ex-husband) about getting into the pie business. But before I dared to launch, I needed more assurance that I really had a market-worthy product. So I asked my friends Linda and Ray if they’d allow me to give out samples during their garage sale. I handed out more than 200 samples and received much enthusiastic feedback. One guy even called me afterward to tell me how “awesome” my pastry was.

Here are some other accolades people have given me:

◆ Outrageous pie. Wow!
◆ The cranberries just burst in your mouth — full of flavor.
◆ Best pecan pie ever.
◆ Loved the grapefruit & lime.
◆ Fantastically delicious — inventively satisfying
◆ Pastry is out of this world.

A business is born

Since then, I’ve been selling my artisan pies, first in Arizona, and now here in the Bay Area.

Sedona Pies was born as Adult Gourmet Pies because of the spirits in the recipes. I have offered up to 18 flavors of pies, but I am just showcasing the top 10. I also introduced a Pie of the Month Club.

We are a small artisan bakery, and we are growing organically — through word of mouth, exhibits and pop-ups. We encourage cross-promotion and getting reviews and raves from my customers.

We offer Wedding Pies for any occasion you are celebrating.

Follow us:
Facebook: http://facebook.com/sedonapies
Twitter: http://twitter.com/sedonapies

Our social good is about giving back to our local community causes like community gardens and solutions to solve homelessness. This is why we feed the hungry one pie at a time. For every pie that is sold, 5% of the profits will be distributed.

Be sure to buy a Pie of the Month Club membership your yourself and someone special!

Happy Baking!