Grown Up Pies are about being the new kids on the block, reviving classic pies of the past. We call them “Grown Up Pies.” Why? Because they’re made for adults, with wine, beer and spirits.

What makes Sedona Pies unique?
You won’t find them anywhere else. the Pie Princess makes them customized to suit your event, wedding, party or promotion. Simply by getting some information from you, she can create a recipe for your special occasion. There are over 10 signature recipes, our top sellers. And then there are custom-made ones, the recipes for which have yet to be discovered.

Do you have a convention or conference coming up?
Want a unique or very special dessert for dinner or your coffee hour? Contact The Pie Princess and we’ll work with you to make your public event the best.

Getting married?
Hate cake and want something exquisite to WOW your guests? Sedona Pies can help you do that.

Want to thank someone?

A client, a big account? Sold a house or just really want to appreciate your customers with something quite different? Sedona Pies is the perfect solution. Want to thank your clients for their business, or your employees or contractors for their hard work? We’ll help you do just that. Join the VIP Club.

Want to learn how to make that perfect pastry?

We’ll teach you how to make a great pie. A fun evening or afternoon with the girls or guys! Just ask. When you have six people who would like to learn, let’s get together and The Pie Princess will teach you how. Just think, you could make quiches, a savory or sweet pie; the list is endless.

Want to WOW your clients? Sedona Pies is your solution.

Looking forward in helping you WOW your people very soon!

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