My personal story is really about more about the dream I have for Sedona Pies and about how I got started.

Mari-Lyn Harris

I grew up in Canada in an Entrepreneurial home, my father had his own business, worked hard and soon developed it into a $1 million business in Direct Mail.

In my teenage years when I visited with my grandmother on summer vacations this is how I learned to make really good apple pies from her. As my grandparents had several apple and crabapple trees in their backyard. At home I had my own babysitting service among other experiments/hobbies.

Years later after working in hospitality, I decided to go back to school to college. (It was a promise I made to myself, since I didn’t go right after high school). After graduating my first job was sales, then coaching and consulting with new start-ups. My business partner Ann Peters and I wrote a book called “Build Your Own Business.” It became a training manual for other Entrepreneurial schools. You can read my profile on LinkedIn to get more information about my work experience.

In 2001 created Heart@Work introducing kindness training and coaching in the workplace by helping companies and non-profits to have better employee engagement, reduce employee friction and to compete by attracting great talent.

Several years later I moved to Sedona, AZ to get married, after going through a divorce and losing everything including my pie business. I found myself homeless. When I arrived in Fremont, CA (I had $200 in my pocket and a car that leaked oil). After arriving friends helped me to get a place to live and start over again.

The Divine/Source/God/the Universe has it’s own timing, my passion still is about Sedona Pies and helping others, it felt 2016 was the year to re-launch the pie business. The business lessons that I learned from the first time will help me to become much more successful today. The pies offer an opportunity to bring people together for social gatherings, dinners, weddings and show your appreciation of your clients.

Vision: “To provide world renown pies that serve as a vehicle for social good.”
Mission: “To feed the hungry one pie at a time.”

Sedona pies are unique, sinfully delicious, made from fruit, nuts, wine, beer and spirits. The wine pies have no added sugar, just naturally sweetened from the fruit. Made with fresh honest ingredients, local sourced as much as possible. Each pie is graded by the sweetness level like a bottle of wine, with #1 being tart to #10 being the sweetest. **75% of the spirits are burned off in the baking and only left with the special favors.

This brings me to the present moment of getting funded through KivaZip, the loans I received will help me rent a shared kitchen space have some working capital. You’ll find the pies soon in farmers markets, tasting parties and via the Pie of the month club. 5% of our profits will go to support community gardens and other related causes. This means when you buy a pie or two, you’ll be helping us to help those who are hungry.

I’ve joined several organizations that are food related as I continue to network, meet new people and expand my horizons.

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February 2016.