Making Peach Pie

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Making Peach pie, this short video was taped when I was visiting with my sister/best friend Georgette in (Langley, BC) making Apple & Peach Pies.

As I was editing the Video, most of the tape was corrupted, so I couldn’t show you the Apple version. We had fun nevertheless.

We made about 24 pies, apples were from her tree and the peaches were from Ralph’s farm fresh market. Ah they were sooo good. From there I gave some pies to my friends.

This is what one friend said...
 “It was so wonderful to meet up with you when you were in Edmonton Mari-Lyn! What can I say about the pies? OMG does not do them justice. Not certain which was more my favorite as both were delicious with “maybe” the peach pie having a slight edge but that edge is ever so slight. Thank you for sharing the pies and your companionship!”            Debra Ward


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