I am getting married and I “Don’t want cake, certainly not for some people at their dream wedding. What are some alternatives?

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Wedding Party

Hate is a strong word for some it is appropriate in their description of their dream wedding and of course who wants something that’s not in their dream?

How often do we think about what we want in our lives, let alone for our dream wedding? Even though I recently got married myself, I thought about what I wanted to have, how it was going to happen and then you have the reception. I always dreamed of eloping, having a party/reception on the beach or cruise….well, I did elope we ended up having a private intimate party with a few friends – that was great. Because the people who could or really wanted to be there were there. Of course, friends and family likely would have wanted to be there..just couldn’t.

What does this say about them or me?

Mostly, I think the way things were done, was because my husband was previously married and didn’t want the whole shizbang, like Carrie and Mr. Big in Sex & The City. Great movie by the way. (I had a girlfriend movie night, we watched it).

What’s this story got to do with “I don’t want Wedding Cake?” Perhaps nothing, just some of my ramblings. What it means to me, is that when we are clear of what we want, like the partner we pick, the kind of wedding we have or what we serve, when we are ready we can really claim this kind of statement “I Hate Wedding Cakes.” Mr. Big, only wanted Carrie, he didn’t want the 200+ people reception, he had been there and done it 2x before. He just wanted a private ceremony with Carrie. Even that is what she said to him “You and me.”

Ok, now we know that this Bride to be doesn’t like cake..and certainly not at her Wedding. Maybe she likes cookies or pie or some other desserts. Something like this seems to be bouncing on some of the Wedding forums. Brides do give feedback and suggestions on what they can do. Here’s some suggestions for something nontraditional or something that you truly are ready to claim that is yours.

1. Cookies – why not? Perhaps not the usual fare. Get yourself a tiered tray and layer as many cookies as you want to serve.

2. Whoopies – you know the kind, they remind me of Wagon Wheels a marshmallow layer between graham crackers. Whoopies, are two cake rounds with an icing or marshmallow filling, then put together like Oreo cookies. It still is cake.

3. Cupcakes seem to be popular – it is cake, however.

4. Tarts or Pies – pick your favorite flavor and serve a slice to each person at your reception. Tier a tray or two with tarts, a mini version of your pie display.

5. A Pastry tray – petite fours or danish pastry or cookies or whatever works for you. Each guest can select one, two or three of their favorites.

6. Puff pastries – you know the kind that are filled with whipped cream, or chocolate filling, or whatever is your favorite flavor.

7. Ice Cream or Sorbet – on a hot day, nothing like a cool treat. Allow each person to pick their favorite, put it in a dish for them or serve a pie with some whipped cream.

8. Squares – date squares are my favorite, along with hot or cold ones

You just really need to be creative. Claim the dessert that you want to celebrate with, and run with it.

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