The state of Wedding pies, have an image problem. Why? Because most pies are so full of chemicals, they just don’t taste that great. (I read all ingredient lists).

Party pies

It amazes me why bakeries or manufacturers’ need to put all that crap in pies. What’s with that?

How can pies be set right? Ok, one single ingredient isn’t the secret in our pie recipes, it’s the from the flavors of the fruit or nuts or cream and all the various things that make up a pie which makes it essential. As my friend Ray says “If you got a flaky crust, it’s tasty then that’s half the recipe right there.”

To evolve and return the kind of pies our grandmothers used to make, we need to eliminate the high glucose sugars and all the added chemicals, just to return pies to it’s splendor. I remember making apple pies with my Grandma from freshly picked apples from her trees. We all I’m sure have stories to share from our childhood that we love to share. From peeling the apples, and my Grandma was great making the pastry – oh they were so good, fresh from the oven. Grandpa and I used to pour cream over the apple pie or cobblers.

Let’s make pies popular again. Revive them. They are their whole own category a new dessert, which will lead to serving pies not only at special occasions, also at our dinner tables. A good excuse to have family dinners again.

The older generation “The Boomers” fancy pie much more than cake. Why? I think its’ just because we all grew up with pie for dessert? American as apple pie. Remember the Chocolate pudding pies? Or how about Rhubarb and strawberry pies? We all have our favorites..cream pies too! What’s your favorite?

If you are wondering how you would serve Pie at your Wedding or any other special occasion here are 10 ideas in how you can serve pie:
1. The pie display is the same as the cake display either on your head table or on the cake table, very elegantly.
2. Serve tarts rather than cupcakes
3. Serve a slice of pie rather than a slice of cake
4. Have your pie’s flavor designed to your wedding theme and colors
5. As a Groom’s pie for the rehearsal dinner or anniversary
6. Serve tarts during and at the midnight lunch
7. Have a selection of desserts that include pie and pastries so your guests can choose from a collection. (This way your guests can choose and you don’t have to)
8. Serve pie with a scoop of ice cream, with Chocolate or Carmel sauce. One customer said “Chocolate sauce with Pinot Noir” was great with my “Sacrebleu pie”. (made with Cabernet and Blueberries.)
9. With whipping cream, a little dap will do you, or cover the whole slice or the whole pie
10. Serve warmed or cold

You gotta love this!