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What’s a Community Kitchen?

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What’s a Community Kitchen, there are many variations. The idea I had was to be able to offer cooking classes, coordinate with the local Food Pantry’s/Banks, rent out space for food businesses and feed the hungry..

Guess what I discovered?

There is a Chef that teaches culinary skills to the homeless in San Francisco..there is an organization that does what I would like to have. Please read more.

Many Community Kitchens offer specialty food processors, farmers, and caterers a relatively inexpensive place to license food processing activities. Kitchen clients are charged only for the time that they use the facility. They benefit from the technical knowledge of others using the kitchen, particularly those with extensive food processing, marketing, and business experience.

These kitchens can also support the local economy. “Community kitchens have been built to boost local job creation, diversify the local economy, and transfer ideas and technology from universities or companies,” says CIAS researcher Kaelyn Stiles.

Stiles and CIAS Associate Director Steve Stevenson interviewed 17 kitchen organizers nationally. Private, public, for-profit, and non-profit kitchens were included in the study. Some kitchens were just getting off the ground, while others had many years of experience. Read more about them

Like most new food businesses they are a challenge to start-up as you do need a Commercial Kitchen plus a whole bunch of other documentation and licenses.

As far as Sedona Pies is concerned, we would Love to have our own community kitchen. In the meantime, we are still open for business and accepting orders online and offering catering to you.

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