What’s wrong with parties?

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What’s wrong with parties? The only thing wrong with them is poor planning. It was for a birthday party just for girls. Too many cooks in the kitchen

Recently I worked with a family to celebrate a birthday. Some food was ordered in, the rest was cooked. There were three people who wanted to be in charge,  (I wasn’t one of them) too many cooks in the kitchen.  The biggest concern was the clean-up, because the guys didn’t want to do it.


  • The food was served outside no shade it was 80 degrees outside.
  • Not enough food for the extra guests
  • They wanted to eat at 2:00pm, guests were still arriving at 3:30pm..
  • Only 30 guests expected, there were 40 that showed up
  • The food station moved 2x
  • The  dessert as ice cream, it was totally melted, rather than put it back in the freezer, they took it and put it in the cooler.
  • The cutlery was plastic, nothing wrong with this, except the guests wanted white not clear
  • No sanitizers, soap in the bathroom or paper towels to wipe up with.
  • There wasn’t a plan, except have fun.
  • If you hire someone like me to help you, make them in charge or at least ask them their opinion to help you, otherwise why bother?

There were a few other things, you get the point. When you have an outdoor party, you have a few  extra things to think about. The weather, the food, coolers, garbage, other considerations during a party.

Even though I was there to serve them,  my opinion didn’t count..there were already three decision makers.. the fourth would be too much. To make sure you are covered.. get my 50 Party Tips. It will save some of you some time as you create your parties.

Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to do a big clean-up as what they wanted me to do for them, eating time was more than an hour late and I had another party to go to.

The next one, was smooth, the Chefs and I worked work well. What went well?

  • We’ve worked together before
  • Easy to serve
  • Food was prepped and served right away
  • People were having a great time..
  • It was well planned, know what to do next, if I didn’t know they would tell me or I would ask.

Parties are wonderful if everyone is having fun, when they are organized, thought has been put into having one. Overall, it is what it is! Arrive with a smile and be willing to serve. It’s party time!

What’s wrong with parties? Do you have any horror stories? Love t hear them. If I can help you with your next party, give me  a call!

Life is short, wear your party pants.” – Loretta LaRoche















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