Who is Cook Alliance?

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Who is Cook Alliance? They are a group volunteers changing legislation, for legalizing and regulating home-based food businesses in the 21st century.

We have created these as open-source, living documents in the hopes that they continue to evolve alongside the growing home cooking legalization movement.

Currently, there are no standardized regulations to help guide states or regulatory officials in allowing cooks to prepare and sell meals from their homes. While several states have passed or are in the process of passing home cooking legislation (such as California, Utah, and Wyoming, the FDA model food code is silent on the activity.

The COOK Alliance is a nonprofit whose mission is to establish just & people-powered food systems. We believe that legalizing home restaurants in the United States creates more economic access for cooks, healthy food options for customers, and cultural exchange for communities.

In 2018 and 2019 we passed California bills AB 626 and AB 377 respectively. These two bills legalized home restaurants and created a permitting process for California county environmental agencies to adopt. Our legislative efforts were the result of successful facilitation between grassroots campaigns and key policy stakeholders such as:

  • CCDEH (California Conference for the Directors of Environmental Health),
  • CHEAC (County Health Executives Association of California),
  • HOAC (Health Officers Association of California),
  • CSAC (California State Association of Counties).

You can download  meko.model-legislation  the legislation here, it’s open source.

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In San Diego is alive and well..opting into the Homemade Food Operations Act supports micro-entrepreneurs and builds inclusive food economies. The County Board of Supervisors will be voting on an ordinance for legalizing Microenterprise Home Kitchen Operations (MEHKOs) on January 12, 2022. Equal to the Cook Alliance  Learn more  


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