Wine Pies

Wine pies are naturally sweetened and a joyful experience. No added sugar or sweeteners, just wine and fruit. The wine brings out the fruit flavors.

For pies

For tarts

Currently we offer ¬†3″ tarts and 10″ ¬†pies. ¬†If you want Gluten Free, then please let us know, otherwise they are automatically regular wheat crusts. ¬†

Sacrebleu blueberry & cabernet wine
Sacrebleu  Sweetness #1

This was one of the first recipes to make.. we loved blueberries and much exploration of how to add the wine and no sweeteners – it’s a winner. One of my favorites. ¬†Made with Cabernet wine & blueberries.

Adore me peach tarts

Adore me    Sweetness #3
Nothing like a fresh peach in the summer, don’t you think? What a better way to make a pie with it? Chardonnay wine to make it a lighter and bolder flavor. ¬†No Sweeteners added.¬†

Also is available is pears

nectarine pie & chardonnay
I’m Sexy ¬†Sweetness #4

The funny story about this one, is that I was taking a class and the instructor told us whenever she makes a mistake she says “I’m so sexy.” ¬†This became an “I’m so Sexy” pie. Whether you want peaches or nectaries it’s still a delicious pie. When in season. Nectarines & Chardonnay wine.
Lucious red pie & rose wine
Luscious Red  Sweetness #6
¬†It was a take off from the Strawberry & Rhubarb pie. Some people just can’t take the rhubarb?? ¬†Strawberries and Rose wine.

Blissful strawberry & rhubarb
Blissful   Sweetness #3
Anyone from the mid-states & Canada know about this pie. It’s made with strawberries, rhubarb and rose wine. a little agave added, since the rhubarb can be tart. Strawberries, rhubarb and Rose wine.
hello mello
Hello Mello Sweetness #2
This was the second creation from Sacrebleu. Some people didn’t like just the blueberries. Mixed fruit includes, raspberries, blackberries, marion berries & blueberries and Merlot wine. No sweeteners added.

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