Would you like to keep local farms?

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Would you like to keep local farms? if you do, Slow Food is asking you to vote for local food and local farms. Ask your local congressman and senators to support this bill.

The government body, can just go out and buy whatever they want. You on the other hand may not be able to. This is why I believe that we all should start growing vegetables. Then you can trade with your neighbors.

Quite often I see, people saying I have extra oranges and lemons who wants to trade? Or they will drop off their surplus to the local food bank.

Engage with exciting sustainable food and ag businesses in the casual setting of a stellar working farm! Through the farm tours, change maker talk, entrepreneur showcase and community lunch, new relationships and friendships are formed that often lead to collaboration, funding and other connections. More information: for the Farm Fest

Full Belly Farm is a certified organic farm located in the beautiful Capay Valley of northern California. They are nationally recognized for fostering sustainability on all levels, from fertility in our soil and care for the environment, to stable employment for our farm workers.

We invite you to get to know our farm and our wonderful rural community by becoming a member of our CSA farm box program, visiting with us at our farmer’s markets, and attending the annual Hoes Down Harvest Festival. We would love for you to be a part of our extended farm family! Welcome!

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As Peter Ruddock is inviting you to the Farm Fest and to sign the bill.  if you would you like to keep local farms?

It’s been a long time.  I’m sure many of you got the Farm Fest mailing from Slow Money NorCal, but I thought I would use it as an excuse to reach out to you just in case.  I hope that you’re all doing well.  Perhaps our paths will cross at Full Belly Farm on June 17.
Hope to see you all at the Farm Fest!

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