You are invited – Chefs Lounge +

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You are invited – Chefs Lounge + sharing organizations that could really use our help. Help stop the struggling, whether it’s funds or hiring staff and news

I’d like to invite you to join us on MONDAY, SEPTEMBER 13, 2021 @ 3 PM PDT – 6 PM PDT.  20809 Maureen Way, Saratoga, CA 95070-3014, United States it’s usually 3 hours.

More details: Chef’s Lounge for September 13th 2021 will be held at Uvas Winery in Saratoga from 3-6 P.M. and Deryl and Chuck will be our hosts

Since we are still dealing with variants of the virus we ask that everyone be vaccinated and that you wear a mask while indoors.  We ask everyone to either bring some food, you make it yourself or wine to share.

“Chef’s Lounge is a culinary community where chefs, restaurateurs, industry professionals and foodies gather to network and share ideas while enjoying a monthly feast prepared by our members.

The spirit of Chef’s Lounge is for members to share their latest culinary creations, thoughts and ideas, in casual and enjoyable environment with people who share a passion for food.

Are you a Chef? Highlight something from your menu, and let us taste what’s cooking in your kitchen  Are you a Purveyor or Winery? Showcase your unique items, and network with chefs and industry professionals

Are you a Foodie? Have your favorite recipe validated by a group of professional chefs, who may even inspire you to take your idea to the next level. All are welcome; $20 charge at event, we hope to see you at the next Chef’s Lounge.

Todd Spanier. King of Mushrooms/Cal Truffle Orchards
Chef Neil Marquis, Executive Chef/Operations manager
Oink and Oscar, Restaurant advocate Dashy Dash
The group is on Facebook



This year, we are piloting a new system to give chapters a direct cash share of all membership dollars raised. This includes all memberships: individual, gift, family, and even our Small Business Supporter program (which is like a membership, but instead of a person, it’s a small business!).

We are sharing 10% of all membership funds raised with participating chapters. We have also set regional fundraising goals: once your region collectively achieves the goal, then we are sharing 50% of all membership funds with chapters after that point. We highly encourage that you get with your nearby chapters and your governors to coordinate.

Ready to be a chapter member?


Food Funded has expanded, I used to go to their events, even submit my pie plan, never was accepted. It’s critical to be efficient with water. At FOOD FUNDED 2021 Climate last month, GroGuru presented their solution for smart irrigation.  We salute them for opening their investment campaign to everyone, not just for investors with deep pockets. The deadline is coming up in a few days. You can read their newsletter in full by clicking this link

This is a very interesting newsletter all about Wine News, if you want to read it. What’s for sale and of course jobs available.. the biggest challenge is finding a place to live and affording to pay your rent.. This seems to be the biggest concern for employees.

This is enough news to keep you out of trouble, it’s not my typical news.. It’s always nice to stay on top of what’s happening in the affairs of the food business. If you would like help for your private functions please reach out.

I almost forgot.. I have a coupon for Giants fruit..

Giant Berries - coupon



Until next time.. I hope to see you on Monday, September 13, 2021 3:00pm


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