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Your Opinion Counts Here

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Your opinion counts here, we want to read what you have to say about Sedona Pies. Sure we are growing we just want to know how to serve you better.

I’ve created a feedback form so you can give me your opinion. I know you have one, my friend Georgette used to say “Everyone has one, they are like belly buttons.
I do miss her.

happy holidays

It will take you 5 minutes to fill it out, if that.

If you are willing to write a review or testimonial here’s a couple of places.
Google my Business Reviews

If you are on Facebook

Neither one of these? Just email it to me and I’ll post it on the website.

Everyone I speak to are winding down for the holidays as they are just around the corner. For some people they are winding up – these are the people offering services to help you make your holidays more enjoyable.

If you haven’t taken a look at our Party Packages if you really want something without any fuss take a look at them. The Party Partners, will provide you with the napkins, plates and cutlery. Great for unexpected guests, parties even New Years Day receptions.

Did you know that Mari-Lyn has been providing party assistance help along the way? Yep, someone told someone and I’ve gathered a few referrals and great recommendations. If you are short on help, just ask me! 510-320-8332.

Why do opinions count?

If you are giving a honest evaluation then they are helpful to help another business solve a problem, helps them grow even if into a better organization. Even though I know how to do several things, I still sometimes get in the forest, meaning I miss out on opportunities or lose my way. It’s nice to have mentors or your customers give you feedback of what you want to know.

Opinions aren’t always wanted either, if they are re-framed or helpful then they are welcomed. If someone doesn’t ask for your opinion, it’s best not to say anything.

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